Container seals

Dual Frequency Seal

Dual Frequency Seal


Dual Frequency Seal


An RFID container seal is a security device used to monitor and track shipping containers during transportation and storage.

How it works:

Container seal is to provide enhanced security and real-time visibility into the container's status and location during transit. When the container is sealed, the RFID tag is activated, and it starts transmitting its unique ID and other data to the reader. This allows logistics companies, shipping companies, and customs officials to track the container's movement, ensure it has not been tampered with, and verify its contents without physically opening it.


Container seal improve supply chain management, reduce theft, prevent smuggling, and provide valuable data for optimizing logistics operations. Additionally, RFID technology offers advantages over traditional barcode-based tracking systems, as it allows for automatic and contactless identification of containers, even when they are in a stack or not visible to the naked eye.  

What's more: 

Dual frequency container seals are compatible with multiple RFID systems operating at different frequencies. This makes them more versatile and ensures they can be used across various applications and industries.


Dual Frequency



13.56MHz & 860MHz - 960MHz


ISO / IEC 15693 Type 5
EPC Global Cl G2 (ISO 18000-6C)


64 bits for NFC
96 bits for UHF

Reading Distance

1-2CM for NFC
5 Meters for UHF