RFID Sticker / Label (NFC&UHF)

HF RFID Library Tag

HF RFID Library Tag


HF RFID Library Tag

HF RFID library tag is specially designed for library, which has excellent performance on the anti-interference of human body. It is more convenient for the library to check, assort and query books, which is widely used on books and important confidential document management.

Product Description

The RFID library tag has the ability to store information relating to the specific item to which they are attached, rewrite again without any requirement for contact or line of sight. Data within a tag may provide identification for an item, proof of ownership, original storage location, loan status and history.
It is thin, flexible and thus can be laminated between paper and plastic. With special method to attach to books, patron is totally unaware that the tag is there.


  • No line of sight needed

  • Allows to check-out and check-in several items simultaneously

  • Information directly attached to product

  • Performing both identification and anti-theft in one single operation

  • Different shape and sizes available

  • Able to tag almost anything

  • Accelerate scanning and identifying


  • Library Management

  • Book Store

  • File Management

  • Museum Management





13.56M Hz+3%


50mm*50mm or customized




HF : ISO 14443A
Mifare S50 / Mifare S70 / Mifare Ultralight / Mifare Desfire
Mifare F08/Ntag 203/ Ntag 213/ Ntag 215/ Ntag 216
Mifare Plus / Mifare ultralight Evl / Mifare ultralight C
ISO 15693
I-Code SLI / I-Code SLI-S / I-Code EPC / MSR3200
ST LR12K / TI Tag-it HF-I Standard