Reader (LF / HF)

Reader (LF / HF)


Reader (LF / HF)

Descriptions (LF reader):

Energy saving, strong penetration ability, and little interference from the outside world; but the transmission data speed is slow, the amount of data stored in the tag is small, the data transmission rate is low, the flexibility is not easy, and it is not easy to be identified. One reads the electronic tag. Only suitable for low-speed, close-range identification applications.


Suitable for applications with short distance, low transmission rate, and small data volume, such as access control, attendance, electronic billing, and electronic wallet. 

Descriptions (HF reader):

14443A / B,15693 protocol 14443A / B is the principle of electromagnetic induction near-field coupling, the distance is close, but there are many encryption protocols, mainly used for identity recognition; 15693 protocol is the principle of electromagnetic induction near-far field coupling, the distance is relatively Far away, mainly disturbed by metal.


Widely used in anti-counterfeiting traceability, high-frequency tags can be easily made into a card structure, typical applications include electronic identification, electronic tickets, and identification cards for campus cards and access control systems.


Frequency band

125 KHz ± 3% N 13.56MHz-±3%


114 x 73 x 17 mm


0.25 kg

Host interface


output format

RS232 Format data output (customizable)

Input voltage range


Working current


Card reading speed

< 0.2 S

Card type

EM / Mifare

Card reading method

26 / 34 (optional)

Operating temperature


Working humidity



Status Indicator: 2-color LED ("red" power LED, "green"
status indicator)
Built-in horn: buzzer, can control LED and buzzer
Output format: support custom format

Readable IC

: EM4100 / EM4200 / EM4305 / EM4450 / TK4100
TEMIC 5530 / TEMIC 5567 / TEMIC 5577
HiTAG1 / HiTAG2 / HiTAG S2048

HF : ISO 14443A
Mifare S50 / Mifare S70 / Mifare Ultralight / Mifare Desfire
Mifare F08/ Ntag 203/ Ntag 213/ Ntag 215/ Ntag 216
Mifare Plus / Mifare ultralight Evl / Mifare ultralight C
ISO 15693
I-Code SLI / I-Code SLI-S / I-Code EPC / MSR3200
ST LR12K / TI Tag-it HF-I Standard